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Volatile oils for minor burns and sunburn

Idaho Blue Spruce Aetherolea

From my personal experience I’ve learned that after a minor burn or sunburn, soaking in a lukewarm or cool bath with at least two pounds of baking soda provides an instant relief. I stay in a bathtub for half hour making sure the (sun)burnt skin is submerged in alkaline water all the time. When non-stop […]

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2 Happy time in The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden, most popular novel by a British playwright and author Frances Hodgson Burnett  (1849 – 1924) was first published as a series in 1910. In summer of 1911 the story was published in its entirety. The story, containing much wisdom way ahead of its time became a classic of English children’s literature after […]

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1 Color black is the queen of colors

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been in love with colors, their radiance, vibe, and color combinations. Color combos that Mother nature comes up with have been inspiring and astounding me day in and day out and I always notice people who wear a shade that’s a perfect match to their skin tone. […]

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Learn to draw a boy’s face

I’ve never really learned how to draw but I sure have lots of fun doodling and coloring whenever I can get my hands on any kind of pencil, pen, marker or coloring pencil – and a piece of paper. The truth is, I’ve been performing the same activity on all kinds of other blank surfaces […]

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2 Addicted to color

Article by Ruth Read, award winning painter and photographer, a published author, and a Certified Grumbacher Teacher, Beginner & Intermediate First thing I would like to do is ask this question; what is your favorite color? Or maybe it’s a non-color. Since black or white is not considered ‘a color’. Maybe we can talk about […]

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