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Florida Sunset Shadows

For as long as I can remember, Florida was intriguing to me in the most magical way. It felt like The Place for me to be, even though I can't even remember when I first learned about the Sunshine State. 

After I moved here and my longtime dream became a reality, it still wasn't down-to-earth kind of setting but more like a fairy tale place, offering endless possibilities for fun adventures.

Twelve years​ later, as I am discovering new places and revisiting the old ones, I feel like the longer I live in the area, the more I love and appreciate it.

I take pictures everywhere I go. Because I love taking photos with my phone is the only reason. Social media is full of the images I took over the years but hardly ever have I shared any other info about the places I'd been visiting. Until an overwhelming feeling to change that hit me.

From now on I'll share my personal experience, opinions and photographs of the places I already know well - and the new ones I discover in the future. 

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Before venturing out on another sightseeing trip, I usually do some online research. And even though useful info abounds, there are questions that tend to not being answered. I'll do my best to fill some of that void, to add my two cents. Let me know if you find my posts helpful, comment below. Also, when things change and you have the latest update, do share it with the rest of us in the comment area. That said, you are now invited to discover Tampa Bay area with sincerely yours,  Daria 

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