Elegant Butterfly fine-art-based bone china tea set

Tea pots for a perfect cup of hot tea

Especially during the winter, a nice cup of hot green or herbal tea  (or any other tea you might enjoy) feels especially comforting. To make the whole tea-drinking experience even more enjoyable, serve your hot brew With Style!

First, select the size of your tea pot. How much tea will you make most often?

These stylish ceramic tea pots come in two sizes​:

  • Small - 11oz. - for 1 cup of tea
  • Medium - 44oz. - for 4 cups of tea

Small ceramic tea pot - 11oz.

Medium ceramic tea pot - 44oz.

These custom tea pots are made of quality bright white porcelain, they are dishwasher and microwave safe and the quality of print is outstanding.

With either of the tea pots above, you could create a very unique bone china tea set by adding any one of the tea cups below. Choose your favorite color or pick a different one for every member of your family. You can even customize them with your own choice of another background. In short, your bone china set is only limited by your imagination!

10-ounce bone china tea cups

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11-ounce strong ceramic tea cups

Yet another style of tea cups to combine with one of the tea pots above, these 11oz. ceramic mugs are just perfect size and style to use them for any hot beverage and you're more than welcome to customize your set with any color of their rim and handle.

Starry and powder blue

Starry and lime green

Starry and red

Starry and yellow

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