My personal garden (down)time

Growing and taking care of plants was always important to me. Flowers make me smile when noone or nothing else can. On top of that, blooms attract the flutters, flying flowers, which are also my favorite.

When I have enough or too much of computer time, I get up and spend some time with my plants. I prune them or just admire them, I water them and talk to them in my mind. While doing that, I am in another (blooming and thriving and prospering) world, forgetting about everything else. I feel like a butterfly myself!

It’s also nice to have some edibles right outside my kitchen door, and some fresh herbs to add flavor to whatever dishes I prepare for the day. Occasionally I even play with growing foods from scraps, with more or less success. But it’s worth a try! And what is really fun for me is growing plants from seeds.

In short, spending time in my garden on with my indoor plants really is my downtime, a relaxing activity that always makes me feel better, makes me smile. Everyone should have an outlet like that, a private little space that feels like oasis, that feels cozy, serene and secure. So far I’ve been able to create one for myself everywhere, no matter where I’ve been.

So I’ve also had a chance to garden in different climates and environments which helped me discover new methods that wouldn’t work some place else. And that’s why I have things to share about garden dow-ntime and garden work-time. If interested, you’re more than welcome to keep coming back!
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