Medicinal and therapeutic applications of essential oils throughout the recorded history

Just like everything else that Mother Nature provides in abundance, essential oils have been used for variety of wellness purposes throughout the recorded history and beyond. When times turn rough, a survival mechanism in human being takes over and people become inspired to try new things and invent better ways of living their lives. In times of no pharmacies and over the counter drugs, humanity looked for answers in nature - where else?

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Ancient Egyptians - founders of aromatherapy

Since about 4500 BC ancient Egyptians are being credited as the true founders of aromatherapy and masters of using essential oils and aromatics to calm emotions and reduce negative energy. Volatile oils were also used in purification and embalming process, religion, cosmetics, perfumes, food preparation and medicinal practice.

  • Along the caravan trade routes, frankincense, cinnamon, sandalwood and myrrh were so valuable that they were oftentimes exchanged for gold.​
  • In King Tut's tomb, opened in 1900's, there were jars with essential oil residue.
  • A papyrus from 1500 BC was found, listing more than 800 herbal prescriptions and remedies. They include the use of many aetherolea.
  • According to Egyptian mythology, the lotus flower essence promotes the resurrection.
  • The perfume industry of ancient Egypt was rightfully famous and is still considered one of the finest. The aromas from alabaster jars, the finest for storing scents, were still lingering after the tombs were opened.

Egyptian pyramids from the Nile side in 1877

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