Put a fresh coat of paint on your baseboard molding

White baseboard molding that needs a fresh coat of paint

White baseboard molding gets yucky after a house has been lived in for several years. Therefore. every once in while I choose sections of the molding to put a fresh coat of paint on.

Instead of white color that more or less always looks dusty or dirty around here, I choose to repaint the molding in neutral grayish-brown. In my home that shade goes well with the floors and it stays looking clean and fresh much longer than white.

Note: This article covers DIY painting of the baseboard molding only. If you need more detailed instructions for refinishing ​watch this video or take a look at this post.

Step 1: Clean the baseboard

It's important to clean all the dust and any other dirt off the molding before applying the paint. I use a dry cloth first, an old toothbrush for the corners, and on top of that I wipe the baseboard with alcohol. That makes the surface really clean and the paint will be easily applied and will stick nicely.​

Step 2: Install the masking tape

To get clean, sharp edges, especially when the color of the molding is different than the color of the wall, using a masking tape is a must. Install it carefully then slide your finger along the edge to prevent bleeding of the stain.​

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Masking tape installed around the edges of the baseboard molding

Image credits: Daria

If the surface of your baseboard is clean, smooth and free of loose nails or holes, you're ready to apply a fresh coat of paint. Get your brushes ready. I prefer soft brushes in smaller sizes. Using them means less mess and with these a little paint goes a long way. Below is my favorite paintbrush set of all times.

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Step 3: Apply a fresh coat of paint

First coat of fresh paint on baseboard molding

​Image credits: Daria

​Whenever you're applying a paint in another shade then the old one, at least two coats are needed to achieve proper coverage.

Step 4: Remove the masking tape

When you're done painting, carefully remove the masking tape then do the touch-ups if necessary.

Before and After baseboard molding

​Image credits: Daria

This should be step 5 of this manual - but this step is only beneficial - not necessary: Clean the paint brush and enjoy your renewed living space... 🙂

If you have any other tips, leave them in the comments below.

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