The wonderful world of volatile oils, plants’ natural aromatic compounds

Ethereal oils

About essential oils and their features

I've been using volatile oils most of my life but recently I've re-discovered them and gained a new appreciation for their potency and ease of use. Essence of plants gives each member of the flora family their distinctive smell and at the same time acts as protection against predators, plant diseases - and attracts pollinators.

Natural, aromatic compounds found in different parts of plants and most often extracted by the process of distillation are known under different names:

  • ​essential oils
  • volatile oils
  • aetherolea
  • quintessential oils
  • oil of the plant

Volatile oils are not oily to the touch even though they are called oils. Skin absorbs them instantly. Certain ones are beautifully, powerfully fragrant. A few of them are amber. yellow or blue-colored, but most of them are clear. Another one of aetherolea's features is that they are all highly concentrated and therefore a little goes a long way.

Throughout the history quintessential oils have been used for their psychological and therapeutic benefits​. When purchasing, the purity factor is of utmost importance. Essential oils are sold individually or as blends of several volatile oils.

NOTE: I'm building these tables regarding essential oils for my own reference. Use any info, found on this website, at your own responsibility.

Ethereal oils

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Volatile oils uses

Traditionally and in modern days, essential oils have been used for countless purposes. I'll keep collecting the list of them in the table below.

Use in

List of essential oils' uses


cold and flu, headaches, cold sores and blisters, overeating, nausea, sore feet, cramps, upper respiratory stuffiness, neck pain, cuts and scratches, teeth grinding, cooling baths, hangover, snoring, bad mood and fatigue, massage, fever, aching joints and tired muscles, sleeplessness, arthritis and more


wrinkle reducing, clogged pores, stretch marks, nail strengthening, oily hair, dry hair, hair loss, dandruff, hair growth and thickness, sunscreen, moisturizing lotion and facial cream, facial toner, soothing massage oil etc.


eliminating odors (cooking, vacuum cleaner, diapers, trash, bathroom), kitchen sink scrub, increasing shelf life of fresh fruit, removing (crayon, adhesive, gum, glue, oil from most surfaces), carpet deodorizer, disinfecting, air freshening, pest repelling (flies, mosquitoes, spiders, mice, squirrels...), general cleaning and more

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Use for

List of essential oils' uses continued


hyperactive children, insect bites, insect repellent, bruises and scrapes, blisters, sprains, ringworm, head lice, sunburn, poison oak or ivy, and so much more


disinfecting on the go, calming when flying, boosting immune system, easing motion sickness etc.


removing cigarette smoke odor, freshening up home or office, air freshening, paint fumes dispeling, car freshening, freshening up smelly shoes, scenting letters and bookmarks and stationary, freshening up laundry, increasing focus and alertness, stimulating memory, scenting candles and more

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Use for

List of essential oils' uses continued


feeling down, anxious, depressed, nervous, for mood boost, to calm the emotions etc.


For better experience in meditation, yoga or worshiping, to enhance spiritual awareness and more


etherolea for romantic baths or perfumes, diffusers for car and home, collections of basic essential oils, bath salts, sachets to place in wardrobe, plug-in wall diffusers, synergy blends and more

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